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Partner Offers - Materials

    Phone holder for machine

CELLFIT is the first phone holder Made in France 100% dedicated to fitness gyms. CELLFIT allows you to increase the customer experience by improving the comfort of your members, to enhance your mobile application and finally, to relay your internal communication.

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Impedance meter

eBIODY and AZEOO join forces to offer you a cutting-edge technology: body composition analysis synchronized with a sports and nutrition coaching application integrating an engaging gamification system for your client.

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Air training equipment

You wish to develop your structure and propose a new activity to your customers, do not hesitate and choose the Fly HeArt®! This concept will seduce your members by its globality and originality.
An innovative concept that will allow your venue to stand out.

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Fitness equipment

Use an innovative device that will help you promote your room. Created in 2016, the Infinyfit has already won 2 gold medals at the Lépine competition. Offer the concept of body weight training in your gym to acquire new clients who are fans of this type of method (strong growth currently).

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