FIIND SPORT - The 1st platform that brings together, engages and supports sports coaches & gyms.

We are fervent believers that the soul of a sport and wellness place is felt above all through its team and their relationships. However, the market is changing, and the increase in independent coaches often does not allow clubs to complement their employed teams.

On the other hand, technically trained coaches must now act as successful entrepreneurs to sustain their business - in the gym, in the studio or at home.

1. Fiind gathers the community of independent or salaried sports coaches and gyms.

2. Fiind offers tools to get started, to optimize your activity as an entrepreneur coach.

3. Fiind offers tools to room managers to build loyalty, manage and prosper with their teams.

4. Fiind produces ultra-concrete and no-holds-barred content to help build the "future of work" in the fitness industry.


OFFER 1: Personality test, with 46 page report including driving forces.

The DISC test is an ideal tool for aspiring entrepreneurs and managers. It helps to decipher personalities and motivations, in order to make better decisions in recruitment, management, or career choices.

€69 by test

- 20% with the code AZEOO20

OFFER 2 : Pack 5 tests with debriefing session for the manager / the team

5 tests to be used for existing teams or for recruitment. Valid for 6 months.


- 20% with the code AZEOO20