CELLFIT conducted a survey on a panel of 200 people. The results showed that 90% of users would like a solution to put their phone down and thus reduce the risks of breakage, discomfort and hygiene during their session.

However, to date, there is no solution for placing the phone on the weight training platform. As a result, in most cases the phones are placed on the floor or balanced on the machines. We therefore suggest that you equip yourself with CELLFIT supports so that your clients can benefit from the best possible conditions.

Moreover, a QR code can be added on the support to encourage the member to go to the application. You can also use the front of the support to relay your internal communication.

CELLFIT has been designed to be adapted to all fitness and weight machines, to walls or to various walls via three systems:

1) Colson collars (to study the ideal location of the support): temporary fixation.
2) Screws: final fixing.
3) Adhesives: definitive fixing and two possibilities of installation of the phone: in vertical or horizontal mode, which allows an optimal use of the application.


We offer all AZEOO customers a €2 discount per CELLFIT support in order to equip your centers and thus optimally enhance your mobile application via a 360 service (application, phone supports and QR codes).

12,90€ HT 


2 by support with the code CELLFIT10

Discover Your Challenge with CELLFIT support: postural assessment with automated movement analysis

No need to be next to your customers to monitor their movements. Kinetic analysis does it for you.

The professional makes a basic video, explaining the correct postural movement, for example on a squat or HIIT challenge, on which he wants his clients to compete.

The technology will track the effectiveness of the client's movement as well as their score through the mobile application and through the mobile camera.

  Test YOUR CHALLENGE for your customers!

Accessible Everywhere, All the Time!

Challenges corner dans votre club

Almost all members own a smartphone and use it during their training. Moreover, most fitness centers now opt for a digitalized application. Offer corner challenges in your club, an inescapable added value for your members.

Remote training

Coach your clients even from a distance. They just need a place to put their phone down and follow your training!